Introducing CoinGig – The Amazon For Bitcoin

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In April 2013 Florida based Bitcoin ecommerce platform CoinGig was launched with the primary goal of becoming an international online Bitcoin superstore. With ever growing support from users and increasing traffic, CoinGig is becoming a popular alternative to purchase almost anything online with the digital currency Bitcoin.

As the Bitcoin equivalent of the online ecommerce giant CoinGig enables buyers and sellers across the globe to trade goods and services for Bitcoin. For the buyers peace of mind GoinGig has an integrated escrow system; the Bitcoin is not released to the seller until the buyer has received the goods. Comparable to eBay CoinGig provides a safe online shopping environment through its integrated feedback system; sellers receive a store badge for every successful transaction which is displayed on the product list alongside previous customer ratings.

The Bitcoin exchange rate on the CoinGig platform adjusts automatically to the latest BTC / USD market price every 10 seconds; ensuring both buyers and sellers get the fairest exchange rate possible for their trade.

Bitcoiners can purchase anything they might need – from business supplies to day-to-day essentials on CoinGig. Everything from arts, electronics, books, industrial merchandise, sports equipment and garden tools to pet food, clothes, jewellery, beauty products, games and more.

CoinGig is constantly working on implementing new features that will help make buying and selling products as effortless as possible. Realising that excellent customer support is the key to a successful business; CoinGig makes sure issues are resolved as soon as possible.

The idea that Bitcoiners would be hoarders is constantly proven wrong at CoinGig where people spend their Bitcoin daily when purchasing all types of merchandise.

The co-founders both agree that “The true purpose of bitcoin is to allow conducting business easier for all parties”. CoinGig was founded by two highly qualified individuals both with their background in engineering, one holding an MBA. They both share a mutual enthusiasm for, and years of experience in, the Bitcoin space; making them a solid team for this upcoming Bitcoin ecommerce platform.

Coinality – New Bitcoin Gig Site Cuts Out The Middleman

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Bitcoin and other emerging digital currencies are creating new opportunities for professionals seeking to sell their services online. Disruptive digital currencies are attractive to professionals, and those who use their services, because they eliminate middle men through whom payments are made. Currently sites such as Elance and Odesk take a slice of the pie when they match skilled individuals and those who need their expertise.

But now, Daniel Roseman has launched, an open marketplace where freelancers can sell their services for digital currency and – get this – he’s not going to take even the tiniest, wafer thin slice of anyone’s pie. “I’m not out to make a profit,” says the Irvine, California based entrepreneur. “All expenses are covered by donations from people who understand what we’re doing.”

So, what is Roseman doing? He’s eliminating barriers that impede the growth of digital currencies. “When Coinality’s competitors take a piece of the action they discourage people from switching to disruptive currencies. Conversely, we are encouraging people to use them by keeping our hands out of their wallets, whether the contracts are full-time jobs, or one-off gigs”

Coinality is the first such platform that encourages the use of all digital currencies, not just bitcoin. Roseman says, “It’s important to support the growth of all digital currencies. We encourage people to investigate what’s available and start switching over from fiat currencies to add to the liquidity and robustness of all of the coins”

The only ads you’ll see on Coinality are those placed by its users and it’s totally free to use. Roseman pledges, “Your registration information will never be sold to anyone.”

Roseman is looking for input from the hordes who are switching over to digital currencies. “I want to know what you want the site to be. I want to hear from developers, programmers, artists, MADmen, filmmakers, scientists, “says the Californian, adding, with a smile, “and I might even listen to a lawyer, or two, so long as they’re not billing me while they’re writing or speaking .

The captain of this enterprise is looking for feedback from anyone who backs his mission to make cyberspace a better place to work, “The wider the cross section of professionals we draw into disruptive digital currency the stronger disruptive digital currency will become and Coinality is ready to do its part.”

All aboard!

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CrookServers accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for its dedicated hosting solutions.

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CrookServers provides enterprise level dedicated server hosting at competitive prices and is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Totally reliable, and in complete control, CrookServers makes its premium performance available to Bitcoiners in every corner of the world.

CrookServers is built on an infrastructure that includes: optical fibres network connected in double safe circulation; IP multihomed network passing through 3 independent transit providers; multiple peering through peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The total bandwidth of the network is 120Gbps.

Pick CrookServers and you won’t be stuck with a sluggish, over-sold network. The uplink of each switch is connected to the distribution router with a bandwidth of 1000Mbps. Bitcoiners can choose from 32G, 64G and 128G dedicated servers, all of which come with 24/7 monitoring, free system re-installs, free manual reboots, and full root access.

They offer cloud server packages in 25GB, 50GB, 100GB, and 200Gb denominations. All cloud packages come with 4GB of vRAM, unmetered premium bandwidth, VMware® ESXi virtualization, ICMP protection, UDP protection and TCP synflood protection. Cloud packages are available for Linux or Windows.

Every domain registered through CrookServers comes with over £100 worth of free services, including two email accounts, mail forwarding, privacy protection, domain theft protection, domain forwarding, and lifetime DNS management.

CrookServers servers are up and running 99.9% of every month. Once the first payment has been made virtual private servers and dedicated servers are set up within 24 hours. Techs are on site at the data center 24.7. Support and sales staff are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (GMT) Monday through Friday but guarantee a response within 24 of a query.Proxies are allowed on the servers but only private/authenticated/protected proxies. Torrent sites are allowed. However, you will be given 24 hours notice to remove the files if a DCMA notice is received.

Every package comes with free: reinstallation of the server; personalized reverse; rescue system; 100GB FTP backup. They guarantee bandwidths of 100Mbps & 1Gbps. Soon, CrookServers will offer SSL certs. CrookServers’ decision to accept Bitcoin is another sign that our community is growing larger and more diverse.

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Croatian Based Bitcoin Trading Platform BitKonan Launches


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The Bitcoin business boom continues to populate cyberspace with new entities. The latest enterprise to be launched will be welcomed with a hearty cheer from Bitcoin speculators who have been clamoring for more diversity in Bitcoin trading options. BitKonan is a new Bitcoin trading platform that allows speculators and Bitcoiners worldwide to trade Bitcoin for US dollars. CEO Sime Bakic encourages one and all, experienced and novice to “Trade Bitcoins like a pro.”

Bakic entices traders with a low flat trading fee of just 0.29%. “Bitcoin speculation is going to be a very competitive industry and we are ready to compete,” says Bakic, from his headquarters in Split, Croatia.

As everyone knows, Bitcoin is a volatile currency. Traders at BitKonan can insulate themselves from harrowing declines in Bitcoin value with preset stop-loss orders. Traders can also preset stop limit orders to enter the market above or below the current market price in order to trade breakouts. Given the present helter-skelter reality of Bitcoin price movements, small or vast fortunes can be made or squandered in a Split second. Speculators need to be able to strike with the speed of cobra on performance enhancing drugs. BitKonan enables that with its lightning fast rapid order entry system.

BitKonan is backed by the registered Croatian company RES REI J.D.O.O,Bakic has used venture capital to hire a brilliant team of programmers. These programmers have developed the trading platform in-house, including BitKonan’s API. Every aspect of BitKonan has been designed with the needs of day trader’s in mind; one of BitKonan’s co-owners has over a decade of experience trading on mainstream stock and commodity exchanges such as the CME. NYMEX and DAX. This experience has been turned to the task of delivering the best possible trading experience at BitKonan.

The finer details regarding BitKonan’s API can be found here. Answers to FAQs can be found here.

Bakic is very excited about the BitKonan Bitcoin trading platform and vows to “bring higher standards to Bitcoin trading.” As the Bitcoin boom continues unabated other trading platforms will certainly be established. But they will face stiff competition from the likes of Bakic; with BitKonan’s professionalism, security and ease of use setting it apart from the competition and making a real contribution to the liquidity of the global Bitcoin ecosystem. 

To see BitKonan for yourself please go to:  

Media Contact:  

Name: BitKonan CEO Sime Bakic  


Phone: +385992188374

Bitcoin Transforming Casino Roulette – BetCoin ™ Circle a New Craze

In thirty short days, BetCoin ™ Circle has achieved the impossible by processing over 200,000 bets and paying out an astonishing 8,000 bitcoins (over $1 million) to users. Instead of the house edge and win odds being a well-guarded secret as with traditional fiat currency in both online casinos and brick-and-mortar casino establishments, BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network offers complete transparency with win odds and house advantage for various casino games clearly stated, to make sure that players are not misled. There are no empty promises of sign-up “bonuses” that you can’t really cash out and there’s no need for any cheap marketing tricks – fully transparent provably fair casino games with a low house edge is the way to go. BetCoin ™ Circle’s RTP is 98.35%: 4% higher than traditional casino roulette, and the game has also just seen major upgrades.

What is BetCoin ™ doing to appeal to the next generation of online gamers? BetCoin ™ Circle is a highly user-interactive casino game. With a great-looking wheel and super slick game animations, players are on the edge of their seat waiting for it to stop on the winning multiplier to win huge amounts of bitcoins. Players choose from an assortment of different game levels, ranging from 2x to 25x and personalize their online game experience to match even the most luxurious, high-roller Las Vegas casino.

The CTO responded to the wave of new players with a massive upgrade to the internal system of the game. The wheel spins more smoothly, the graphics are more crisp, and there have been radical additions to improve overall user experience. The first and most important of these is the newly designed, patented security system. “Well, in terms of security, you can’t go wrong with adding an extra layer or two just to make sure users feel safe and that the system is better protected from malicious players. Online casinos, especially ones that use bitcoin, should already be extremely secure, but our system makes it even more so,” says BetCoin’s ™ CTO.

Apart from tripled-down security, unified league play for all games and reward points have also been added. “Competitive gaming in online casinos is something I’m extremely happy to give to our players. I don’t want our games to be stagnant like others offered; my mission is to constantly engage our users and show them BetCoin ™ Entertainment Network’s drive to bring them the best online bitcoin casino experience available. Gaming is our passion, and we aim to give users the chance to experience how much we love creating games while they play them,” adds the CTO. With a live feed of all bets, it is also possible to match wagers with other players, spurring them on to see who wins bitcoin prizes first. And the more a player bets, the higher their league rank will become. With six leagues (brass through diamond), users have the ultimate control over their bitcoin gaming experience.

Gamers around the world have rocketed BetCoin ™ games to the top of this list of online bitcoin casinos. The BetCoin ™ Entertainment Network’s amazing drive to deliver exciting new ways to play continues to attract new users to the world of online bitcoin casinos. BetCoin ™ has promised to give their users the prime bitcoin gaming and education portal available. With these new upgrades and the launch of BetCoin ™ Wiki, which adds a whole new meaning and a resource-rich educational dimension to the bitcoin online entertainment sector, they are doing just that.

Media Contact:

Name: James Mason, PR BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network


Betcoin Circle

NoBs: The World’s First Bitcoin Social Networking Site With Military Grade Encryption

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With rising concerns about the privacy of social networking, many will be looking to invest some Bitcoin in Global Village; the world’s first Bitcoin social networking site. Global Village is in the beta testing phase and the people at (no bullsh*t) say the site will boast military grade encryption for the security of their users’ data. Anyone worldwide can already log on and create an account in seconds; using the encrypted Global Village to create groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network.Only Global Village members who have an encryption key will be able to read users’ shared messages and the system will be built without a master key.

Our security specialists are world class encryption experts,” says Konen Saarin, the Icelandic company’s point man. “They mix and match encryption formulas, such as AES256, RSA, ECDH521, until we can guarantee that not even the dark lords of cyber spying will be able to see so much as a single picture of your cat.”

In the future Global Village inhabitants will be able to re-share their encrypted messages to Twitter and Facebook. Saarin adds, “Our digital kevlar covers apps, iOS and Android, as well as our site.” takes privacy very seriously. “Privacy first,” is the company’s promise. Thus, they not only shield Global Village members, they also host a ‘privacy cookbook’. The site’s inhouse blogger, Tomorrow, reviews security products and gives tips on how to shield yourselves from the omnipresent, all-seeing eyes in the skies. The blog has a section called Through the Grapevine, where you will find links to great articles related to security or Bitcoin.

Global Village will not backup customers’ entries. “If you want to remove something from your account, just hit delete and forget about it, because it’s gone forever,” says Saarin. “Your entries are yours, after all.”

The Icelanders have opened a directory of bitcoin scams, because they are great believers in the cryptocurreny and will do whatever they can to keep scammers out of the community. In addition to all that, they also maintain what they believe to be the largest bitcoin business directory on the Internet. They have partnered with some of the websites listed in the privacy cookbook and the business directory. On some of the listings in the directory readers can find discount codes to receive massive discounts or extensions of services.

The price of Internet privacy is eternal vigilance and Saarin says, “You will see improvements and additions as often as possible and the development will never stop.” The world’s first Bitcoin social networking site is now live and anyone worldwide can use the Global Village right now to create groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network.

To see NoBs for yourself please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Konen Saarin



The Rare, Interest Bearing, Bitcoin Alternative – Cryptogenic Bullion

CBG Cryptogenic Bullion Accepted Here

In June 2013 Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB) was launched: a decentralized, peer 2 peer, blockchain based currency morphed from the Bitcoin protocol. The number of professional online services incorporating Cryptogenic Bullion is growing at a rapid rate and the currency is currently trading for approximately 500 CGB per 1 BTC. A fork of the virtual currency Novacoin, Cryptogenic Bullion is designed to be a rare, interest bearing, peer-to-peer virtual commodity with the same decentralised characteristics of Bitcoin but with some key differences. Cryptogenic Bullion’s innovations include an accelerated decrease of the mining subsidy, almost immediate transaction time and 2% annual interest eligible for Bullion that has been stationary in a user’s wallet for at least 30 days. Cryptogenic Bullion has been well received in the digital currency ecosystem. The official Facebook page has over 4,500 fans, and the official CGB website has been translated into Dutch and Chinese.

The team behind Cryptogenic Bullion is comprised of digital currency enthusiasts with many years of experience in the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond; having spent many years mining, programming and working on Internet technology projects. Unique among alternative cryptocurrency teams, CGB also has many years of experience in business management and marketing, ensuring CGB carves out a significant niche for itself in the digital currency ecosystem. Much like Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin, the lead developer of CGB has remained anonymous – but the anonymous developer tackles problems and maintains the integrity of the CGB protocol. This is extremely important for the longevity of the project. Elambert, the founder of Cryptogenic Bullion, is a married man with an 8-month-old son who both works as a data analyst and is also extensively involved in other online businesses and pursuits. Managing the marketing and project development aspects of CGB is Mercury Stills, an entrepreneur with a passion for emerging technologies who founded his first successful company in the year 2000. More info on CGB’s development can be found on their website.

Team CGB is currently pursuing an aggressive marketing campaign via social networking sites like Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina, Baidu, Sohu and more. Moreover, Team CGB will initiate a billboard campaign across Europe, starting in Nicosia, Cyprus later this year. The more people who are aware of Cryptogenic Bullion and the financial and business innovation provided by virtual commodities and virtual currencies, the more people will embrace the unprecedented possibilities inherent to the emerging disruptive technology of global digital currencies.In this way Cryptogenic Bullion’s extensive marketing not only benefits the CGB project but the entire cryptocurrency space itself.

The Winklevoss twin’s intention to offer the world’s first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be the precursor to a diverse range of alternative virtual currency ETFs. As an interest bearing, relatively rare, virtual commodity, Cryptogenic Bullion will be perfectly positioned to attract fund manager’s capital, which will generate massive potential for large long-term increases in value.Team CGB is currently reaching out to investors and business owners who may want to diversify some of their BTC holdings into CGB to potentially remedy price volatility. Any individual who contacts team CGB to incorporate Cryptogenic Bullion into their business processes will be warmly received.

With the professionalism and vision of the Cryptogenic Bullion’s core team, this digital commodity is operating in a different paradigm to the majority of alternative cryptocurrencies. The CGB protocol’s primary innovations of a 2% annual interest rate, and its relative rarity and faster transaction time as opposed to Bitcoin also bode well for the digital currency’s future. A diverse ecosysem is a healthy one, and due to its unique properties Cryptogenic Bullion may well become one of the cryptocurrencies of choice in the emerging digital currency investment space 

Official CryptoGenic Bullion website:

CryptoGenic Bullion services and exchanges:

CGB on Twitter:

CGB on Facebook:

Media Contact:

Name: Mercury Stills


Cryptogenic Bullion Accepted HereFor the technically minded here are the CGB protocol details:

  • Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid.
  • 60 second block target.
  • 5 confirms per transaction.
  • Mining difficulty re-targets every 2 blocks. Accelerated re-targets are utilized.
  • 10 Bullion per block reward, halves every 50,000 blocks until reward of ~0.01 is reached were it will remain forever.
  • 2% annual interest eligible for coins which have been stationary in a user’s wallet for at least 30 days
  • Default P2P Port: 7695
  • Default RPC Port: 8395
  • ~2% Annual PoS
  • Similar to Litecoin, Cryptogenic Bullion utilizes a Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm for proof of work.

Introducing FastCoin – The World’s Fastest Bitcoin Alternative Gaining Traction in The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


FastCoin Badge

In late May 2013 FastCoin (FST) was launched; its primary innovation being to have the fastest transaction speeds of any digital currency currently in existence. Compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block times the FastCoin network has just a 12 second target block time with transactions fully confirming in 48 seconds. Based on the same fundamentals as the Bitcoin protocol FastCoin is a blockchain based, decentralized, peer 2 peer worldwide digital currency with no central issuing authority. FastCoin has seen a rapid rate of adoption, with the coin’s market cap briefly reaching $250 000 USD in early August, and the official website,, seeing constantly increasing traffic and serving thousands of unique hits every month. The coin is backed by a team of developers and FastCoin enthusiasts from all over the world; including the USA, Europe, Australia, UK, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India and more.

Marc Saltzman, a Canadian media journalist has contacted team FastCoin and is hosting one of the FastCoin members as a guest speaker on their popular radio show “Tech Talk” this Sunday, Sept 1 at 5pm EST. Marc is a well respected Canadian Journalist that specializes in technology segments and he has been featured on CNN, Fox news, CBC and more.

FastCoin Marc Saltzman Tech Talk Banner

The official FastCoin website, is based in Toronto, Canada, but the core development team consists of 10 highly qualified individuals from all over the world. The majority of the core team are primarily system engineers: seasoned veterans of the IT ecosystem, with some possessing over 25 years experience in the industry. Some members of team FastCoin possess teaching backgrounds having taught computer science at the University and College Level. Others have held relatively key positions for high profile international IT companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and ATI. FastCoin also has professionals with MBA’s and global work experience; aiding the business analysis aspects of managing the FST project. All have been actively involved in the cryptocurrency space for years; enthusiastically mining Bitcoin and participating in the emerging digital currency economy. Christopher Tao is regarded as the head developer of FastCoin and the coin’s primary creator.

Reflecting the popularity of the coin, the official FastCoin twitter account has over 10 000 followers and this is rapidly growing month after month. With its fast transaction speeds the FastCoin team is also actively targeting the mobile space and to this end they have released an Android FastCoin wallet which is currently in Beta – but functional. Due to its lightning fast transaction speeds FastCoin offers tangible benefits for merchants who accept FST as a payment method; any website or business who reaches out to the FastCoin team looking to accept FST will be warmly received.

With its highly qualified and motivated core development team, strong social media presence, rising popularity and primary innovation of being the fastest transacting digital currency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, FastCoin has a bright future ahead. With FST having reached a market cap of $250 000 USD in early August, this is no doubt a foreshadowing of bigger things to come.

To learn more about FastCoin please go to:

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FastCoin Accepted Here Logo For Merchants:

FastCoin Accepted Here Logo For Merchants

FastCoin is currently the fastest transacting peer 2 peer digital currency in existence; for the technically minded the FST protocol details are as follows:

– 12 second block target.
– 4 confirms per transaction – every transaction confirms in 48 seconds.
– Mining difficulty retargets every hour. Accelerated re-targets are utilized so as to eliminate instamining.
– 32 coins per block, block reward halves roughly every 12 months or 2 592 000 blocks.
– A total of 165 888 000 coins will be minted.
– Connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527
– Similar to Litecoin, FastCoin utilizes a Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm.

FastCoin Marc Saltzman Tech Talk Banner

Established Multinational Investment Firm Plunges Into Bitcoin Funding Next Generation ASICs and Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Centre

Next generation Bitcoin ASIC miners From Bitmine AG

In early 2013 Massive Luck Investments Limited, a Hong Kong based New Technology Investment Holding Group with offices in Manila, Philippines, Shanghai, China, and Dublin, Ireland, moved aggressively into the Bitcoin space by actively funding the development of next generation Bitcoin mining ASIC technology and establishing the first Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center. The firm has a history of successfully investing in emerging disruptive technologies. The principals and their families were the first investors in Skype, before the ubiquitous VOIP software became a household name and was subsequently bought by Microsoft Corporation for $8.5 billion. Peter Nolan, head of PR for the Hong Kong based Investment Holding Group, explained how:

We began researching investment opportunities related to digital currencies in early 2012, and by the beginning of 2013 we made a strategic decision to aggressively move into the digital currency “Wild West”. Massive Luck Investments has identified digital currencies as a future growth area for the globally regulated traditional banking sector. Digital currencies provide traceable and expedient transfer protocols for consumers, governments, and banks, with the advantage of enabling users to conduct highly secure, low cost, instant transactions. As the world’s economies increasingly turn to e-commerce and non-physical cash transactions, the global marketplace will demand further integration of digital currencies with regulated infrastructure.

Seizing the unprecedented emerging opportunities in the Bitcoin space, Massive Luck Investments currently owns a major stake in leading cryptocurrency research and ASIC hardware construction corporation Bitmine AG formerly known as Exion Networks SA and registered in Switzerland. Massive Luck Investments seeks to transfer this Swiss engineered machinery and Intellectual Property to its manufacturing and hosting facilities in Asia. Its major partners in this venture will be world leading microchip design groups Synapse, Innosilicon, and Verisilicon, and the top global microchip manufacturer, Global Foundry. Massive Luck Investments is currently in the final stages of making pre-production arrangements of ASIC chip sets, based on the most advanced existing 28-nanometre technology, with both power consumption and hashing power characteristics significantly outperforming any existing or publicly announced Bitcoin mining ASIC technology. Some of these next generation ASICs may be made available to the public, but the great majority will be utilized in their own datacenters, for industrial scale mining.

Beyond its significant investment in next generation Bitcoin mining ASIC technology, Massive Luck Investments is also presently cooperating with the Shanghai Supercomputer Center in China in conducting digital modeling and research to optimize its future digital currency research Supercomputer design. To this end the company employs a highly qualified team of software engineers, mathematicians, network security experts, and gaming industry professionals. The aim is to design and build a world-class Supercomputing digital processing center of the same caliber found in the most advanced projects in Shanghai, Switzerland, and USA. However, this will be the world’s first Supercomputer exclusively applied to the field of cryptocurrency research. The Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center will serve as a dedicated backbone to cryptocurrency transactions and customer service worldwide.

As a side project in its foray into the world of cryptocurrency, Massive Luck Investments has designed and developed BetCoin™ Dice – a high payout online Bitcoin dice game platform. The first phase was unveiled on August 2nd, 2013 by launching the website BetCoin ™ Dice which can be found at Based on the same technology behind Satoshi Dice which sold this past June for $11.5 Million USD, BetCoin ™ Dice is unique in featuring the highest instant Bitcoin payouts in the world, the highest accepted wagers and a very low house edge. The equivalent in Bitcoin of up to $1 Million USD can be won from a $15 wager. Players can win up to several thousand Bitcoin in a single bet, becoming instant millionaires. The platform operates using an embedded algorithm, which is provably fair. Utilizing the unprecedented qualities of Bitcoin, website visitors can play from anywhere worldwide as long as they have saved the list of the betting addresses, even if the website is blocked or can’t be accessed. The service offers unrivalled anonymity, transparency, and efficiency in the Bitcoin gaming sphere. The next million dollar-grade product launch is planned for the second week of August:, and shortly thereafter – BetCoin ™ Dice is launching a full high-definition gaming suite that has no analogies in the Bitcoin industry which can be found at

The last few months have seen a number of big players aggressively enter the rapidly evolving and growing global Bitcoin space. Massive Luck Investments’ ambitious development of next generation ASICs, a Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center, and launching the unrivalled BetCoin ™ Dice platform is no exception. It could be argued that the scope, scale and vision of Massive Luck Investments has no rival at the present time in the global Bitcoin ecosystem, as the firm moves to take advantage of the unprecedented emerging opportunities the disruptive cryptocurrency Bitcoin has made available to risk takers and visionaries worldwide.

To see Massive Luck Investments’ first complete Bitcoin project please go to:

To learn more about Bitmine AG’s next generation ASIC development project please go to:


NAME: Mr. Peter Nolan


Betcoin Dice

Betcoin Casino

Betcoin Circle

‘The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin’ Book Released – Bitcoin Explained For Beginners

The Idiots Guide To Bitcoin


Sydney suburbanite and freelance illustrator, Gustaf van Wyk, has taken it upon himself to spread the love of digital currency by creating The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin: announcing its unofficial launch yesterday. It’s been a long overdue development in the Bitcoin world and represents an activist’s effort to promote and explain Bitcoin to the everyday man and his dog. The book is squarely aimed at Bitcoin beginners; covering everything they need to know to get to grips with the fundamentally disruptive technology which is Bitcoin. The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and is currently available for the very reasonable price of 0.07 BTC or $7.77.

The stronger Bitcoin gets the more of a threat it becomes to the very institutions that have the buying power to completely disrupt and destroy it. According to the author, the survival of the digital currency revolution lies fundamentally in its widespread use as a means of exchange, not in it as an investment.

In yesterday’s short interview he said, “by giving it (Bitcoin) objective value on the street we can take a significant stand against the fight that Bitcoin will have to inevitably endure before it can truly change the world. The book, if nothing else, is a gesture towards that end.”

Written for broader society The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin is beautifully illustrated in full colour by the author himself and effectively clarifies all the processes and technologies required to make the most of Bitcoin on a day to day level. It has already received positive feedback from readers; though it has yet to reach the larger audience which it so enthusiastically targets. The ebook is available at, a site which will also hosts the author’s blog, but it will be made available to affiliates within the coming weeks. The author described the project as a dynamic process that will evolve alongside Bitcoin and its counterparts and said that we can expect much more work from him in the Bitcoin space in the future.

The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and is currently available for the very reasonable price of 0.07 BTC or $7.77.

To learn more about “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin” :

Media Contact:

Name: Gustaf van wyk



Bitcoin for beginners book Buy the idiots guide to bitcoin